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17 Fast Tips to Selling Your Home on Kauai

Remember when you first looked at real estate on Kauai? What captured your attention when you entered a home? What "sold" you on the real property as a place you wanted to purchase? When a potential buyer comes to look at your real estate on Kauai, good first impressions are vital. Think like a buyer -- "curb appeal" and attractiveness of your home are the major deciding factors to a home buyer.

"Visibility adds value. The (home) improvements that are most visible are the things you need to focus on,"
says Steve Berges, author of "101 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home."

Here are some pointers to help you show your home or Kauai condo off in its best light...

1. Tidy up the grounds -- from the lanai to the garage. An unkempt yard & ugly exterior can cause prospects to drive away without ever going inside your home. Keep your lawn and trees trimmed so the landscaping and general appearance are attractive. Make sure that your yard is clean of refuse.

2. Consider getting your own home inspection and/or appraisal.  Before putting your home on the market, consider having a professional home inspector take a look. Then, you can repair anything that needs fixing ahead of time. Also, consider getting an appraisal. It assists you in pricing your home correctly and justifying the price to buyers.

3. Clean your window coverings thoroughly (including the screens) or dress up the windows with freshly laundered curtains. Make sure windows and screens work.

4. If any decoration is needed -- especially in the kitchen -- do it now! $20.00 worth of paint may balance $100.00 in a price cut.

5. FLOWERS! You'd be amazed at how a simple thing like flowers can brighten up a room. Add them to the living room, bathroom and/or bedrooms. It'll be a worthwhile investment and a gift to yourself that you'll enjoy for days after the showing.

6. Believe it or not, kitchens & bathrooms help sell homes. Make these rooms sparkle. In the kitchen, store all small appliances and utensils so countertops look spacious. In the bathroom, fresh, plush towels, a new shower curtain and other small investments go a long way.

7. Keep all steps clear of hazards. 

8. Don’t forget to have all light sockets filled with bulbs. Illumination is like a welcome sign. Potential buyers will feel a glowing warmth when you turn on all your lights (especially if it's an evening inspection).

9. Wash dishes, put away clothes, straighten up newspapers, etc. You're having company and want to make them feel at home, even though they're people you've never met before.

10. Make up beds with attractive spreads and pillows.

11. Keep pets out of the way when showing your home. One type of prospect may be annoyed by animals, while another may have their attention diverted because they want to "play" with your pet.

12. Avoid having too many people present during inspections. The potential buyer may feel like an intruder and want to hurry through your house. Do not allow children to tag along on the visitor's tour.

13. Leave the showing of your property up to your REALTOR®. It is her business to sell your home. Let her do what she does best -- her job.

14. Don’t discuss anything concerning the sale with customers. Let the Realtor discuss price, terms, possession, and other factors with them.

15. Do not try to sell furniture to a customer. If you have furniture that you would like to sell with the home, tell your Realtor.

16. Never apologize for appearance. It only accents or distracts.

17. Call on Debra A. Jason, RA - the Realtor whose clients praise her successful efforts in marketing their homes. In the 2009 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 85% of home sellers used a real estate professional. 80% of sellers used full-service brokerages (such as Na Pali Properties, Inc.).

When Paradise is Calling You, Call Kauai Realtor-Associate®, Debra Jason

If you have any questions about this process, or are interested in buying or selling a home, please call me. As a Kauai Realtor-Associate®, I would be pleased to meet with you, at no charge, to talk about Kaua`i real estate! I am here to help you.

In addition, discover 5 ways to get great results from your REALTOR®. Just, fill out the form below, e-mail (best option for IE users), or call me at (808) 826-1846 and I'll send you a FREE copy of this informative brochure, "Five Ways to Get Great Results From Your REALTOR®."

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